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My Story

I Lakeshia Bell, Founder of Elements Of Life; created this business with the passion of being able to Coach others into taking the lead specifically as it relates to Life & Parent Skills!


Born and raised on the far Southside of Chicago I learned what taking on responsibility, extending a heart, and lending a helping hand was all about. It has always been a pleasure, honor, and gift to help and be a concrete support to those in need of a listening ear.

On my journey I found that Social Work was my area of expertise, and before I knew it, I held a Bachelors and Masters Degree in the field of Social Work, and a Minor in Sociology.

I have worked in the field of Children, Youth, and Family services for a little over 15 years, working hands on and providing direct services, counsel, and resources to individual and families in need.

A mom of 2 little boys ages 2 and 5 years old, I get the pressures of feeling overwhelmed in life, about life, and not knowing which decision when it comes to taking the parenting advice of others, or following your first mind!

I would encourage others not wait until their lives are in complete

self-sabotage mode, instead seek support at the very second you feel your Spirit Element is off track!

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"Be The Water To Your Soil" 

My Mission

With Elements Of Life I aspired to inspire others to find their ROOT & WATER IT! 

My intent is remind those who connect with me, to understand that resilience does exist, & that is the key to progressing in the arena of Life & or Parenting goals!

I want people to seek and fulfill their fullest potential, regardless of where they are in Life, Parenting or both areas; I am here for your release!

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